Arangam champs… well done!

Sweet victory after many weeks of hard work…

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RJC Literary Competitions

Hellew everyone!

RJC ICS held its very own Tamil literary competitions last Friday, 2 March. The response was much better this year compared to last year, with 9 JCs taking part. We hosted competitions in various categories, including Essay, Oratorical and Poetry. The oratorical competition has been concluded, with Meridian JC winning the first prize.

The Quiz competition will be held this Friday. Prizes for the respective categories will be given out during Sangamam.

Coming to Sangamam, the plotline is being intricately woven at the moment by some of our extremely talented members 🙂 If any one of you has any ideas/suggestions or wants to perform or do something entirely different, please contact the show ICs Sushma, Aniruddh or Sivaranjani asap!

Sangamam will be held on FRIDAY, THE TWENTY-SEVENTH OF APRIL, from 6 to 8 pm.
The rehearsal will be held on the 26th April, and Mr Loo has kindly booked the PAC from 4-9 pm for us.

That leaves us with less than 2 months to work on Sangamam. Alarming isn’t it. =P

But we will put together a fantastic show. 😉 That’s ICS.

cheers! divya 🙂

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O2, TMT, Arangam

Hello everyone!

Last Saturday was O2 and it was fantastic 🙂 The J2s had loads of fun (watching the J1s) so the J1s must have had fun too, right? 😀 Anyway, thanks to all who took time off to support the event. We fully appreciate the effort taken to bond with the juniors. Kudos to the organizing comm and the Games I/Cs Jheeva and Seli esp 😀

To the J1s and J2s who did not come down, please be more regular with your attendance. This is YOUR CCA. C’mon J2s, we have only what, a couple of months left as a society to have fun, so let’s make the best out of it! 🙂

During O2, Mayank Soni (J2) spoke about RIndians, a new portal that will be in operation in April. It will serve to connect Raffles Indians- basically anyone who is either studying in RJ or is an alumnus. It will be very beneficial in helping us keep in touch, as well as to be able to seek advice from seniors etc, so all who are interested, please go contact Mayank (07S03P) asap.

SAJC held its All Arts competition, Thai Maatha Thendral last Friday, and ICS is proud to announce that we have won prizes in both the competitions that we took part in. Prahlad and Lakshmi (J1) did a awesome rendition of Mutharkanavae and won 3rd prize in the Singing competition, while Purnima (J2) won first prize in the poetry competition. Well done guys! 😀

Thanks to all those who came down to support the above event.

Arangam, the drama competition organized by Ravindran Drama Group took place last Thursday, 22nd Feb at the PAC. Our team won a gold award, ranking 2nd among 5 schools. The team consists of Alamelu, Puvaneswary, Ganga, Navanitha, Dharshni and Sandhya (JC 2s) along with an impressive J1 cast of 4 girls and 1 boy: Shankari, Navene, Farzana, D Priya and Kannan.

Well done gals! 😀 ( and boy)



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Hellew ICS!

Due to the dismal J1 turn-up on 2nd Feb, we will be holding Orientation II coming Feb 24, Saturday, at 9am (Singapore time and 0630 IST). All interested JC1s are expected to turn up.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s up this year:

March Hols – Bonding Camp (not finalized)

31st March – Arangam Finals

2ND Feb – NJC Sorsilambam – Pre-rounds

April – Practices for ICS Show

14TH, 15TH, 16TH Feb – Arangam Pre-Rounds

18th to 23RD Feb – RJ All Arts/ RJ Forum*         

26th May – ICS Show 

Our Tamil debate team took part in NJC Sorsilambam Tamil debate and did a fantastic job. However, we lost to VJC in the round held on 2nd Feb. The team comprised of Kannan, S Arvind, Farzana, D Priya and Purnima Janani. It’s okay guys, you did a great job! 🙂

That’s about it folks. Happy Vday! And don’t forget to turn up for O2!

cheers, divya

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Hi, and welcome to the ICS’s online newsletter. We have shifted from blogger to wordpress. please take note of the change 🙂 A quick update: Project Uthavi trip to
India has been cancelled due to unforeseen reasons. Still, the money that we have all worked so hard to raise will be put to a good use.
To every single one of you, who has helped in one way or other, from Sangamam to Uthavi week to our fund-raising, a big THANK YOU! The Uthavi team had a bonding camp in Oct, and has  successfully completed painting works at ACMI on 14 and 15 nov. We have painted cute (adorable but not ugly!) murals and given the walls a fresh, new look! It was great fun painting one another’s shirts as well. 😛Pics will be posted up soon! 

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Mouths to feed

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“okay guys, you guys will eat after we have served the children, so when we have served the 399th child…”

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Our safety and welfare i/cs Divya and Jem expounding on the effects of anti-diarhorreal pills

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That’s “U” for Uthavi

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Preparing for Project Uthavi

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From 6th to 7th Oct, we were busy preparing and planning our subprojects for Project Uthavi. There were invited speakers and the camp went well and team members got to know each other better.

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Traditional Games

Hey everyone!

Hope you’ve enjoyed racial harmony day! Everyone seemed so enthu about dressing up in traditional wear, the J2s especially. =) I would like to thank all those who came down to help out with the games. Although our board disappeared and all, I think you guys have been really supportive. Kums and I really owe it to you guys for helping us set up and for getting people to play!

After having played traditional games for the past 3 days, it seems amazing to me that our ancestors could come up with such simple yet challenging games. I am no expert at traditional games. In fact, I only got to learn these games last week. But it was definitely worth learning how to. Would just like to give some general info on the games that we set up, namely, pallaanguzhi, dhaayam and aadu puli aattam.


This game needs two players. It is a game played mostly by girls (but guys can play too, of course). It is divided into parts with 7 holes on each side. For each hole we need 5 seeds to a total of 70 seeds for the whole game. Small seashells or assam seeds can be used as seeds for the game.

How to Play:

1. Players place 5 seeds in each of the 7 holes on their side.
2. The player has to pick all the seeds from any one of the seven holes on his side. The player then starts dropping one seed starting from the next hole until the player finishes the seeds.
3. Once the player finishes the seeds in his hands, he should pick the seeds from the next hole and continue the procedure.
4. If the player finishes the seeds and the next hole that he arrives at is empty, he must take all the seeds from the hole after the empty hole and keep them. These seeds have been won by the player. Then the player continues again.
5. When the player finishes dropping his last seed and the following two holes are empty, the next player starts his game.
6. The player who has won the most number of seeds wins the game.

Dhaayam- Indian Checkers

Game Objectives:
 To get as many of one’s own shells into the centre box as fast as possible without getting knocked out by the opponent’s shells
 To knock out the opponent’s shells

Players: 2

Shells: Each player gets six seeds to start off with

How to place the seeds on the board:
Each player will place all six of his shells on opposite cross boxes of the outermost ring.

How to Play:
1. After placing all the shells, the players will take turns to roll the dice.
2. The person who throws 2 ‘1’s or 2 ‘6’s gets to start first.
3. A player may choose to move all or some of his shells according to the number that he throws. Eg. if a player throws a 3 and 6, he gets to move either one shell for 9 squares, or 5 shells for 5 squares and 1 shells for 4 squares etc. Any possible combination is allowed.
4. The next player will start when the first player fails to throw a ‘1’ or ‘6’.
5. The next player must aim to move his shells such that they will get to land on the same square of the opponent’s. This way, he will be able to eliminate the shells of the opponent’s, unless the shells are in a crossed box.
With proper strategy, a player should aim to eliminate the shells of the opponent and get his shells into the centre box. The player with the most number of shells in the centre box wins.

Aadu Puli Aatam – The Goat and Tiger Game

This is my personal favourite! 🙂


1. The player who takes the role of the Tiger has to eat all the goats.
2. The player who takes the role of the Goat has to move his/her seeds to trap the tiger.

Players: 2

Seeds: Tiger – 3 seeds
Goats – 15 seeds

How to place the seeds on the board:
Players should take turns to place their seeds on the board. Seeds are placed at the intersection of two lines.

How to Play:

As Tigers

1. After the Tiger has placed the 3 seeds, the Tiger can start moving.
2. If the point after the Goat is empty, the Tiger can jump over and eat the Goat. The seed will then belong to the Tiger.
3. If the point next to the Goat is occupied, the Tiger cannot eat the Goat.
4. In this case, if the points surrounding the Tiger are all occupied by the Goats, then it can be said that the Tiger is trapped. The seed will then belong to the Goats.
5. If one Tiger is trapped, the player can still play on with his remaining two tigers.
6. The Tiger-player loses the game when the last Tiger is trapped by the goats.

As Goats

1. The Goat-player places three seeds first and subsequently adds the other goats when the need arises.
2. The Goat-player is not allowed to eat the tiger.
3. The Goat-player is only allowed to surround and capture the tiger.
4. If the point next to a Goat is occupied, the Goat can escape being eaten by the Tiger.
5. The Goat-player loses the game when all his Goats have been eaten up.

heqi playing aadu puli aatam.

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